About the Artist


Peter Illig is originally from New York and has been an artist and teacher in Colorado for over 30 years. He is represented by Walker Fine Art gallery in Denver and formerly had a relationship with Plus+Gallery in Denver. He has been a member of artist co-ops such as Pirate Contemporary Art and Spark Gallery. His work has been selected for numerous ‘Best of Colorado’ shows over the years, and is found in many personal and corporate art collections.

Peter Illig’s paintings are analogies for human emotions and experiences – American psychological landscapes – reflecting how we think of several things at once. He layers images borrowed from film, TV and cyberspace and his own experience like a coded cultural language of symbols to express his ideas and feelings.

Logic of Dreams (detail)

Detail from the large drawing “The Logic of Dreams”
charcoal on paper, 2005, P. Illig


1 Response to About the Artist

  1. Odd (and pleasing) that WordPress programming suggested on of yours as a similar post to my Phoenix Rising from Embers drawing (though it relayed me to an earlier 2009 work); only because having software suggest relationships bends my head some. I like this painting “Window” very much. It suggests to me the sometimes seemingly disparate layers of experience in life, and the inevitability of death. There is a dreamlike and mystical quality to it.

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