“Sins of the Father – MatisseFreud Draws a Woman.”


An older painting from 1996. Peter Illig, 45×62 in., oil on canvas.

The studio which we see in the picture is not even Matisse’s but loaned to him by an American woman, a sculptor, who worked in the South of France. So the painting has many generations of removal from a genuine, actual experience. An artist working in a borrowed studio, borrowing ideas from the young woman’s body, is photographed in black and white but the photographer, Brassai, who (in a sense) borrows the image and prints it on photographic paper. it is then printed in a book by a publisher. An artist (me) borrows the book from a library. The photo is borrowed (or appropriated, if you will), drawn on canvas and painted translated into color. Now it is produced on more time in this paper and may be borrowed for exhibition in the future. The image has a lot of miles on it and it becomes hard to say who owns it. It is a promiscuous image.

I was struck by the resemblance of the older Henri Matisse to Sigmund Freud. His white coat seemed to easily translate to a scientist’s lab coat – Freud carrying on research.


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