Opening reception at Walker Fine Art, Denver CO Feb 2015


Partial view of Peter Illig’s show at Walker Fine Art, “New Works”.

“These recent paintings originated in a search for new meanings in my work.  I search for and use images from the past to comment on contemporary society.   The images become metaphors for interactions between men and women, and for our constant search for meaning in our lives, but they also touch upon our darker motivations, our “shadow side”, the sometimes hidden reasons we act as we do.

Blindfolded people are not handicapped but must rely on other senses to guide them. Most importantly they must depend on intellect, since vision is hindered.  Also, art being visual, it points to doubts we may have about vision as “truthful” and as a guide to meaning.

I care deeply about dreams, and their symbolic meanings. Many of my paintings may be viewed as dream images, with their attendant crises and anxieties.

Ultimately, I hope my paintings cause the viewer to question, reflect on, and perhaps understand how an artist might introduce philosophical questions into art works.”




About Peter Illig

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