Denver Art Examiner article on Illig, by Heidi Strang

Peter Illig is a painter with an eye to the sensual aspects of life.

There is an element of pop art in Illig’s paintings – realistically rendered images but often placed in juxtaposition with seemingly random objects. These associations force the viewer to contemplate not only the objects place, but also their own place in relation to those objects. There is almost an audible element to his work – teaming with movement, tension, and vibrancy the viewer is forced to take in several scenes at once. Despite a largely monochromatic palette, the canvases are alive with visual excitement.

He is also innovative in that he wants the viewer to have a personal connection to his prodigious output of painting. On his website, he encourages visitors to print out a reproduction his works entitled “MODULAR DIALOGS” and arrange the images to appeal to their own aesthetic sense.

Illig learned to be generous with his art when he was a child and his father, Carl, a renowned regional painter gave art instruction in their home. Illig’s work spans from small (14 x14) to large, measuring in at thirty-six feet while others as large as sixty-two feet and consisting of charcoal, oil paints, and installations.

Having worked here for over 26 years since his move from New York, Illig has exhibited throughout Colorado and his work is held in private, corporate, and public collections nationwide.

When speaking of the energetic Denver art world, Peter Illig’s name inevitably comes up in conversation.

For further information:
Peter Illig

Heidi StrangDenver

Action Painting, Peter Illig
Action Painting, Peter Illig
Photo by Peter Illig

About Peter Illig

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