I have a way to go …

My interest lies in taking traditional painting forms: oil on canvas, realistic illustration styles, the human figure, etc., and making them subversive and ironic. I want my work to be accessible to anyone, but I realize only a few will ”get” what I am trying to do. For example, I might combine realism and cubism, writing, photography, comic book illustration, and social messages that are distinctly American, in a painting, using layers — how we think of several things at once, and free-associate.

A serious artist can’t be content with making pretty pictures.

I try to make art work that operates on the edge of what’s acceptable and recognized as art (paint, gallery setting, recognizable subject matter) but the message, if you will, should ask questions about being human, about our liberal-humanist technological society, and call art itself into question. This is asking a lot and I have a way to go…

P. Illig

About Peter Illig

Artist peterillig.com
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