Logic of Dreams show – Hinterland, Denver, Feb 2010

“The Logic of Dreams” is a 62 foot long drawing, in charcoal on heavy paper 42 inches high. A year in the making, it was only shown once before, at Pirate Gallery in Denver. Now opening at Hinterland Feb 26.

The drawing is a narrative of an implicit dream, a pastiche of images of emotional turmoil and crisis, creating a two-way dialog between past and present, order and chaos, art and everyday life.  Like changing channels on a TV, or surfing the web, images move like a sliding puzzle, the drawing presents a series of cultural meanings  —  elusive, oblique references, innuendo, erotic symbolism, implications, metaphors, unclear boundaries, non sequiturs, incongruities, romantic ideas.

The Logic of Dreams may be seen as a metaphor for the outward appearance of the rational, observed world that surrounds us. Is the world operating only on scientific principles, or is it more like a dream, drifting from image to symbol….an illusion of “cause and effect”?  Physicists find matter and the cosmos hard to measure and explain. The Uncertainty Principle, quantum mechanics and Chaos Theory point to a world where matter cannot be proven to exist, where subject and object cannot be separated, and (pay attention here)  consciousness may be determining reality.

We participate in the creation of our world by the act of observing. This has important implications for artists. But we can seek the spiritual, not by avoiding matter, but by immersing ourselves in it. The charcoal I’m drawing with was once a living thing. Everything is related to everything else. Thoughts are things. And so are dreams.

The drawings are the incomplete narrative of love and existence, metaphors for sensations and thoughts.

The “sleep of reason” leads to another plane.

It’s not machinery, but magic.

– Peter Illig

About Peter Illig

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