Jungle Girl project Video

Cast Shadows: show at Pirate gallery, Denver CO


Drawings of women in a primeval jungle.  Based on real contemporary women, they represent emotional aspects of the Self. The people live in a post-industrial, post-technological, post-patriarchal world, surrounded by the ruins of civilization.

The lighting is dramatic, in the Renaissance chiaroscuro manner. Light and dark represent the conscious and unconscious.

Psychologist Carl Jung spoke of the ‘shadow’, the dark, inner unconscious urges that motivate our hidden thoughts and impulses. We all have the light side and dark side. The shadow is not necessarily ‘bad’ but can allow us to discover a spiritual and creative life.

Beneath the trappings of modern life,  no matter how much we evolve culturally and technologically, we retain our primitive, physical selves.

We are still rooted to the jungle. Still lured by the heart of darkness.



About Peter Illig

Artist peterillig.com
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