Shadows of a Dream – “Life on Earth” -Pirate Gallery, Denver

Shadows of a Dream

Artist’s Statement

These drawings are analogies for human emotions and experiences. And thinking of several things at once.

Once upon a time, the task of the artist was to portray and interpret the ‘real world.’ Now it is to discern if there is a reality behind the appearance of things. Reality is created by observation. This search through the ‘stuff’ of the world, matter and flesh, is inherently erotic. And so is the act of drawing.

 Why does the material world pull at us? Why do we desire the physical? It is our essence; we seek the spiritual through it. The visible world is the key, the path, to the higher, more spiritual life we desire. But it is ‘desire’ that clouds the seeking. I don’t renounce matter but immerse myself to find the spiritual behind it.

I have been thinking about the ‘inter-connectedness’ of things, the Uncertainty Principle, the fact that there may be no ‘deep reality’ underneath the appearances of objects, that traces of distant stars are passing through us at this moment, that the charcoal (carbon) with which I am drawing was once a living thing.

Where does one object end and another begin? Where does one idea end and another begin to form? Can theory become visual? For some viewers these combinations of images will be irritating; for others they will come together in surprising ways. Meanings intersect and overlap.

It is a beautiful, dangerous, heroic, courageous, delicate, maddening, and heartbreaking thing, this Life on Earth.                     

 Peter Illig       Pirate 2004


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