Action Painting,  P. Illig

Full Fathom Five  show at Plus+Gallery, Denver  2008

Artist’s Statement:

Total immersion.

In dream symbolism, water is a metaphor for the depths of human emotions; travels across oceans through water represents an emotional journey. Likewise, shipwreck and immersion are metaphors for emotional turmoil and crisis.  My mind sifts through a pastiche of images, creating a two-way dialog between past and present, order and chaos, art and everyday life.

Like changing channels on a TV, or surfing the web, images move like a sliding puzzle, a gridwork of cultural meanings  —  elusive, oblique references, innuendo, erotic symbolism, implications, metaphors, unclear boundaries, non sequiturs, incongruities, romantic ideas.

 We swim through a sea of images. Each one carries a message in our subconscious. Attempts to structure thought are largely futile. My brain “has a mind of its own.”

Peter Illig

As Above, So Below


About Peter Illig

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